Different Types of Short Fiction

Fiction has evolved in many ways over the years, not only in length but also in tone. The stories are now more fast paced to cater to today’s readers. The earlier leisurely pace with which a story evolved is no longer seen in contemporary fiction. It was therefore inevitable that the length of the stories would also change according to the modern audience.The traditional forms of fiction are the short story and the novel. The current short form derived from the novel is the novella. A novella generally falls between 20,000 words and less than 50,000 words that make a novel. A novelette is greater in length than a short story but is shorter than a novella. The word count usually falls between 7500 words to 17000 words. The length of these shortened versions of novellas may vary a bit according to the market.There are also many forms of the short story in micro word counts. The most popular form is flash fiction. Though different markets have different ideas of the allowed word count, ideally it does not exceed above 1000 words. Flash fiction is even more challenging than a traditional short story as it allows the writer no time for a leisurely narrative. Nevertheless, it has to have a story and should not just be a rendering of an event. It is more focused, like a camera zooming in on a particular detail.Popular short forms have emerged than are even shorter than flash fiction. Some of them are-Six word stories – This form was made famous by Hemingway. He was challenged to write a story with only six words. He came up with – Baby shoes, never worn, for sale.Check out other six word stories on sixwordstories.netTwo sentence stories – One example is – I wished, the crying in the middle of the night would stop and it did. The laughter stopped too, but the scent of baby powder still clings to my arms.Check out other two sentence stories on twosentencestories.com.Six sentence stories – Similar to two sentence stories, these are stories that are complete in only six sentences.Check out sixsentences.blogspot.inOther than this there are markets that demand for stories with a count of 250, 50 and 100 words.Popular demand has also given rise to short stories to cater to mobile devices, twitter stories and even stories that can be written on a postcard.